Review: Samurai Girl by Carrie Asai

The Book of the Sword (Samurai Girl, #1)The Book of the Sword by Carrie Asai
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

One night, I was flipping through channels and came across the TV series Sammurai Girl ( Unfortunately, it was at the tail end of the series so I couldn’t follow what was going on. Luckily, I discovered that the TV series was based on the book which I was able to get through my library.

Disappointment pretty much covers what I felt about this book. I’m sure if I was in Heaven’s place where my wedding ceremony is interrupted by an assassin, I too would be pretty shell-shocked too and make dumb mistakes. But that’s not what really bugged me about the book. It’s the fact that once Heaven finds “sanctuary”, she spends all of her time training to be a samurai instead of seeking answers that could help to explain what’s going on. She seems so blasé about her predicament, especially when her father tracks her down and slips an envelope underneath her door. Gee, I don’t know. I think I would freak out that the person I’m trying to run away now knows where I now live. But oh no, this only gives Heaven an opportunity to go out shopping/partying (I really can’t remember).

Sigh. Like I said. Disappointed.

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Review: The Story of Saiunkoku, Vol. 5

The Story of Saiunkoku, Vol. 5The Story of Saiunkoku, Vol. 5 by Kairi Yura (由羅 カイリ)
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Drat! Don’t you simply hate it that Goodreads still hasn’t incorporated 1/2 stars into its ratings system?

Anyway, this book is more of 2 1/2 stars for me as opposed to 3 stars. The problem with this volume is the introduction of yet another male character. There is already too many characters with storylines that don’t necessarily seem to be going anywhere. Most of the men appear to be in love with Saiunkoku which is all fine and dandy, but she is really oblivious to all of their attention. I still haven’t got a sense from of her if she prefers Emperor Ryuki or her faithful companion/servant Seiran. All she seems to care about is passing the civil servants exam. Sure, it’s great for a woman to have career goals but her portrayal seems to be one note by this point and dare I say, boring.

Where’s the conflict? Emotional angst? Give me something to root for besides a passing grade on an entrance exam.

The story has all of the right elements just needs better pacing. Let’s just hope the storyline in book 6 is much better soon…

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