Library Day in the Life Project – Days 4 and 5

When I am not working at the PHR reference desk (or the main Reference Desk), I spend the rest of my time in my office which is conveniently located behind the PHR reference desk.  Here is what my desk looks like:

I guess I should explain some of the items on my desk.  First, you are pretty wondering why all the coffee/tea mugs?  Yes, there are 3 of them on my desk.  At one point there was 6 mugs and 2 water bottles.  The environment in the library is very dry so I am usually drinking coffee (morning), tea (afternoon/evening) or water (afternoon/evening) throughout the shift.  I should also point out that I am not a morning person so it’s best not to talk me until I have had at least couple of cups of coffee.  Otherwise, I am not going to follow our conversation very well.  I don’t have a coffee maker in my office so I end up bringing coffee from home.  We have a hot water dispenser in our staff lounge and I made good use of it.

So what’s up with the devices?  My Creative Zen MP3 Player is a one of the three devices I use all the time. I usually walk to work while listening to audiobooks.  In case you are wondering, I just finished listening to Rick Riordan’s Son of Neptune by Thursday morning.  My Kobo Touch eReader is my other fave device.  Like many library staff members, I prefer to read on my meal breaks.  In the interest of sharing, I am currently reading Lawana Blackwell’s The Dowry of Miss Lydia Clark.  And you guessed it.  My third favorite device is my computer attached to a very nice widescreen monitor.  Because I typically work the afternoon shifts on the desk, I spend my mornings drinking coffee and catching up on email and my various RSS feeds.

Okay so now you are wondering, what’s up with the last item in this photo? Namely the Serenity Prayer poster.  Well I made a New Year’s Resolution to start letting things go and not getting stressed out over things that were beyond my control.  I keep a copy of The Serenity Prayer  above my desk  as 99% of the things that usually stress me are  work-related.


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